quarta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2009

Unrepeatable (II)?


Orša 1918 m. - Rusijos bolševikų viešai nukankintas žmogus (prieš tai iškastruotas ir nukirsdintas).
St. Petersburg - during famine (1917-1919) members of communist party vhere living satisfying life while ... cannibalism was form of surviving for normal citizens....

1919 Kiev. Ukraine. Massacre by Russian bolsheviks.

Hungarian communist revolution of 1919. Torturing and murdering was everyday practise of communism lovers.
Hungary 1919. Famous Hungarian communist Bela Kuhn and his comrades flayed (skinned alive) dozens of political 'enemies' of communism.

"...The children saw us, and, some with fright, some with interest, all scrambled to their feet, although many of them fell again, and, too weak to get up, stayed sitting on the ground where they fell. Ercole photographed them as they were. Then he picked four little boys and photographed these alone. Wishing to reward them, he gave them some chocolate before the woman looking after them had time to stop him. "You must not do it," she said; "they are too hungry." But it was already too late. All of them who had strength to move were on top of each other, fighting for the scraps of chocolate like little animals, with small, weak, animal cries." Arthur Ransome - Reporter for The Guardian newspaper in London
Tuesday October 11, 1921

Russian famine of 1921, which began in the early spring of that year, and lasted through 1922. Food and grain was confiscated by Red Army and communist party members to supply St. Petersburg and Moscow shops, while peasants (mainly Volga and Ukraine steps) where left to die from starvation.

1941 Lithuania. Rainiai. Communists had butchered any person who they thought may resist Marxist teaching. Still no one is responsible or sentenced for crimes against humanity.
1941 Latvia, Riga GPU building. Mass butchery. Communists retreating to Russia killed all prisoners, mainly educated people who resisted communist regime in Latvia. Still no one responsible for this crimes.

1945 Buzuluck, Concentration camp in Kazakhstan.

Communists created the largest concentration camps and the most horrendous slave labour system of the 20th century, in which millions of gentiles and Christians were slaughtered (on the size of the Gulag concentration camp system cf. C. Andrew and O. Gordievsky, KGB: The Inside Story and N.Y. Times, Oct. 22, 1990, p. 82. None of these camps are being preserved for posterity. Most were destroyed long ago by special military brigades; cf. Michael Specter, "Cold Reminder," N.Y. Times, Dec. 3, 1994).

"The Gulag (Concentration Camps) had antecedents in Czarist Russia, in the forced-labour brigades that operated in Siberia from the seventeenth century to the beginning of the twentieth. By 1921, there were already eighty-four camps in forty-three Russian provinces, mostly designed to "rehabilitate" these first enemies of the people." A. Appelbaum

Under the rule of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), 60 to 80 million innocent Chinese people have been killed, leaving their broken families behind.

... and more and more at(http://www.lietuvos.org/istorija/communism/)